The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Thomas Bungalow, pt 2: Return from the higher worlds

Thomas Bungalow held back from glancing at the Desert Survival Handbook with a growing sense of calm.
He hadn’t needed any instruction when on earth as pertaining to the life he had been living; in fact, now that he was without body he was enjoying it more than ever.
Who knew the freedom he had been so desperately searching for could be felt and discovered so easily?
Certainly not Mrs. Bungalow, Thomas’ wife, who now spent Saturday nights “rolling in” cash at the bingo-roller-disco in Las Vegas. She hadn’t been so liberated in years!

“True, human doubts are dangerous.
Yet we don’t have to worry because our divine faith is most courageous.”
-Sri Chinmoy
That was the message he had seen inscribed on the restroom wall at the last rest stop. Now he had been driving for over 48 hours nonstop, the kind of driving you’d normally get arrested for.
The Nissan tires gripped the dusty ground, sending up billowy clouds like the ominous wake of an “iron jaws” as the nativespeople called contraptions such as these in these parts.
That’s when he saw it: a little girl on the horizon, floating down from the sky. She was accompanied by flowers and birds, and the whole image was like some scene out of a fairytale children’s story.
“Howdy,” he said when she had come to a halt, stopping his car and stepping out to greet her.
“Continue about your business,” she snapped with the air of one conducting a survey. In no time she had made him a complete slave to Her will.
“Yes Master,” he said slovenly, and let her into his vehicle.
“You don’t need this anymore,” She said, tossing the Desert Survival Handbook and a couple of spicy cheetos from the interior’s floor.
“You will return to your world and begin to manifest,” she instructed.

“BINGO!” Mrs. Bungalow shouted, a piece of blue whitening-gum gleaming between her teeth.
“That will teach you to gamble away your grandchildren’s college fund!” She shouted at the elderly retired couple now seated across from her at the table.
“We have a winner!” Announced Elvis, dominating the stage with his impersonation of a timeless personality.
Mrs. Bungalow recognized that voice. At first she couldn’t place where. But her heart knew.
“THOMAS!” She screamed, knocking over the retired couple and skating straight up to the stage where she was reunited with her spouse after seven years in the higher world.

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