The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


The Origin of Hackey-Sack

Once Mother Kali was in the forest of the heart, at the time of the birth of the mental realm, long ago. Reality had already bore its fruit in the souls world and spread to the heart.
“I am entrusting you with the seed-reality of my dearest Dream,” The Lord Supreme said smilingly, and left Her presence.
Immediately the hostile forces began attacking Mother Kali from all sides, seeking to destroy the Egg. Clutching it to her chest, she defended the egg from the onslaught- until the fight became too intense, and she had to use both arms. She achieved this by passing the seed back and forth between both feet. Thus the game of hacky sack was invented, and the egg incubated properly. It then burst open to reveal a colorful rainbow of delight- a new dream of the Lord Supreme.


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Copyright by Antara-Prabhat Kalajian
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