The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Meeting Sri Chinmoy for the First Time

I say "first time" because this is the first major impression He made on me. Outwardly, it was our second time meeting; and inwardly, spiritual masters meet with the souls of all spiritual seekers long before accepting them as disciples.

It was a cloudy day in Seattle. We were at home. The phone rang. A “phone-tree” message from our centre leader Nayak had spread person-to-person until it reached our household. My sister and I were the lucky twigs at the end of the branches- our littleness escaped the freedom of responsibility for the time being. Our mother, however, was blessed with the privilege of performing her sacred duty to tell us.

"Kids, Sri Chinmoy will be at the airport in one hour."

He had a layover en route to another city. In those days, you were allowed to go through security to the gates without a ticket. By the time we arrived, a group of disciples had already gathered. He was offering prasad- blessed food. When my turn came he called me over to sit next to Him, cosmic energy tingling in my arm where He touched. His Presence was the ocean and I was a drop.

He made me feel that I was not less than Him. I knew right away that this was a “good” person whom I could trust.

His rich awareness of the present moment made the memory in me eternal... and became a source of unending inspiration to me.


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