The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


How Guru Was Able to Lift Thousands of Pounds

It sounds crazy.
"My own mind will not believe it," He used to say.
"I do this to inspire others," He used to say.
I grew up in the company of Sri Chinmoy.
My first visit to New York in my eighth year on earth, he lifted me on a leg-press machine with my sister.
We were young and light at the time, but He was just getting warmed up.
When we were a little older, He pressed our mother along with us, overhead.
Now I remember going to a special event in Seattle in my early teens.
Guru lifted over a hundred pilots.
One said: "When I reached the top of the lift, I felt that I was weightless. It reminded me of that feeling you get when the airplane descends and for a moment you're literally floating."
I was all-too-familiar with that feeling by then, so I knew exactly what he'd mean.
A few years later, I attended a 25-year weightlifting "Silver Jubilee" to recognize Sri Chinmoy's achievements.
He was no longer there physically, but had brought together a multitude of bodybuilders, sports enthusiasts and countless very good disciples.
I remember the magical premiere of Challenging Impossibility, Sanjay's documentary, which left us all in tears.
After the ceremony, we had heard countless moving recollections of people's personal interactions with Guru, listened to songs He had composed and sung in honor of special guests, even watched a few humorous skits portraying the impact He had had on the lives of millions.
It was time for the final song, led by Tanima.
I stood up in my bleachers.
"Lifting up the world, with a Oneness-Heart.
The Hour of God, and His Victory-Start."
The crowd fell silent. I felt the same anticipation as when we heard this song hundreds of times at a weightlifting programme.
A wave of light passed through me. I felt the audience soar up into the highest. I was speechless. And thrilled.
Shortly thereafter, I approached Mahasamrat Bill Pearl, whom Guru had lifted more times than anyone else, and who you all know as the bodybuilding champion of the world- Five time Mr. Universe.
He was the nicest person. So down to earth and humble.
"I felt Guru lift us all up after the song!" I said.
"That is so beautiful," He said. "Sri Chinmoy was definitely here."
I was so glad to see that we share this special connection with our Master, who made His Presence evident to us even long after He left the physical shell.

According to classical Indian scripture, "Laghima Siddhi" is the ability to make objects lighter than air. It becomes possible after rigorous spiritual training.

"From meditation and concentration we can get power. And this power can be executed in the physical as well. We can use the inner strength for the outer life as well."
-Sri Chinmoy


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