The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


The Song of the Whale

November 2017

Whales are cool, man.
They can communicate with eachother over ultra-long distances.
They reside at such depths where any subtle movement can be felt from across the globe.
They pass messages from one side of the world to the other.
They carry memories inside their heart, and sing songs and weave stories.
If I had to be an animal, I think I would like to be a whale.

They are the ancient record keepers and historians of the sea.
For what is a true historian if not one who tells stories? That’s why the Spanish word for story is “historia.”
Don’t get me wrong- they do share this role with the dolphins.
But their role is more to do with the depths, if I’m not mistaken.
Dolphins spend more time on the surface, interacting with people physically.
Whales do interact with human society, but on a subtle level. This moment I am getting a subtle stream of inspiration but I am unaware of where it’s coming from. In that sense whales are closer to the soul than dolphins. I am not saying whales are more advanced, but they do have a different legacy from dolphins.
Dolphins are researchers. It is more about exploring and discovering, then bringing back that knowledge to the whales who are able to pass it on.
Whales care more for the essence of the experiences than the experience itself.
That’s why they rely more on dolphins for news of the outer world. Dolphins are closer to the heart because they enjoy interacting with people and learning about the world. They exhibit qualities of enthusiasm and energy.
Whales do care more for society, but because of their nature and relationship to this world, they are destined to play a different role. From the depths they attempt to spread inspiration and wisdom. A whale is a very mature creature. It is respectful of others’ boundaries. It does feel emotions, but it prefers not to show it. It carries the emotion inside its heart and lets it out in a song. This song is not a vital experience. It is a silent will. A whale’s song is the song of the soul. A whale’s song is the sound of consciousness.
A whale does not try to communicate in a way that others can understand.
It just lets out a stream of consciousness and lets others take from it what they may.
If others understand it or not doesn’t matter. The nature of consciousness is fluid.
To the emotionally-bound listener, a song of a whale may sound earth-shattering.
A mental being might say, “That’s a story.”
The sound of a heartbeat cries in sympathetic oneness with the heart of humanity.
A whale feels all of these things. A whale lets the song go out through its body and into the vastness of the sea.
When it sings it doesn’t hold anything back. It just lets go. Then there’s this beautiful surrender where the soul takes over, and all of the pieces become one. The drop merges into the ocean. The sound of the ocean fills its belly and spills out into the sea.

A whale is just a vessel for the Supreme’s Consciousness. It has no personality or individuality of its own. Its entire life is dedicated to living and revealing this Reality.
Its entire existence is dedicated to fulfilling the Will of the Supreme.
A whale wants nothing else than to be of service to the Supreme as this Creation, in this Creation.
A whale has nothing better to do than go around singing songs from place to place.
It keeps its mouth open and that is enough to take in sustenance.
The more it gives, the more it receives.
It just wants to enjoy this Creation, in giving and receiving what it needs.
It doesn’t worry about what it doesn’t receive.
The primary concern of the whale is just to keep giving- for as long as it can, until it collapses; and then, exhausted, on some seashore, woe begotten by the tides of life, and lost in this society, dies; in the hands (or at the feet) of some marine biologist who wants nothing better than to save its life- or take it apart and use its blubber for sealing wax.
More candles for me, more light for humanity.

We don’t want this whale to die, we want it to keep living so it can sing for humanity.
In that song we will find peace and the solution for all our problems.


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