The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Microcosm & Macrocosm

August 13th, 2013

"While I was on the horse I had a dream that there was a little girl sitting in a rocking chair and looking out the window, watching the Dad build the swing set in the front yard. And in the dad's back pocket was a wrench! And on the edge of the wrench was a little bit of rust! And on the little bit of rust was a crater, like the moon. Inside the crater there were peaks and mounds, like the moon! And inside the peaks and mounds there were little beings living every so feet spaced apart, like moles! And inside the moles holes there was a baby mole. and the baby mole was sleeping inside the corner, sleeping in a little pile of nest material. And the nest material is made out of the foam from the ocean
which is churning inside the dream of the mole baby.
And inside the ocean is the ruin of a ship which carried the grandfather of the little girl and from which wood of the raft he survived forty days at sea was made into the rocking chair.
And the little girl is seeing all of this as she looks out the window. But her mind is not yet developed. And because she's only three and a half, she doesn't have the capacity to express all that to her father- who's just working hard to feed her, and to take care of the family. But because he's playing his role in the cosmic game satisfactorily, she doesn't feel the need to tell him. Although it's fascinating. It seems that although it thrills her, it doesn't have the capacity to hold her attention because in her consciousness this is the normal reality, that each item has a story behind it."


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