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Why "The Inner Fight" ?

by Antara-Prabhat

In 2011 I felt compelled from within to draw my attention to the inner reality of my emotions, thus purifying my nature and achieving a higher state of awareness.

It began thus:
One afternoon, upon returning home from work, I sat before my meditation place and closed my eyes to meditate. What I saw surprised me: A vivid image of a snake was visible before me. Without thinking, I envisioned the snake being cut in half, as though I had a sword.
That night, without any expectation, I sat down again to meditate. Again, I saw some kind of force in terrifying or tempting form, inside my vision-eye.
So for the next week, growing more and more perplexed, these experiences continued; and with gratitude at the end of the period I saw myself on a hill, surrounded by headless extinct enemies. A voice could be felt in my heart: “By Guru’s Grace, I am victorious.”
The resultant image can be seen in the last frame of the illustrated booklet accompanying The Inner Fight.

Below are several questions and answers regarding the subject from Sri Chinmoy’s book, ‘Astrology, The Supernatural and the Beyond', published in 1974.

Question: Guru, how did the hostile forces originate?
Sri Chinmoy: They are all dissatisfied or unsatisfied beings. Some of them never took human birth; others were human beings once. And when they were human beings, they quarreled and fought and murdered people and did all kinds of unspeakable things. They were not satisfied by any experience they had. Even by killing hundreds of people they could not have been satisfied. Satisfaction is not in their life.

Question: Will there ever be a time when there won’t be any hostile forces anywhere?
Sri Chinmoy: There will be a time. It will take millions of years, but certainly God will not remain imperfect forever. He cannot. He must perfect them someday.

Question: When you fight, Guru, do you have an army?
Sri Chinmoy: Yes, many armies.

Question: Is it your inner beings, or is it other beings also?
Sri Chinmoy: My inner beings fight with me and for me.

Question: Is the weapon concentration?
Sri Chinmoy: It is not concentration. Spiritual Masters keep some solid power, which they can use if they want. It is not the power of concentration. It is like the strength you have in your arms. You do not use it at every moment. Similarly, inside me I have solid strength; it is there already. When the time comes, I just use it. It is like having thousands of dollars in the bank; it is up to you to use it. You can use one cent or the whole thousand dollars. But why should you use one thousand dollars or even one cent if there is no need? If there is need, a divine need, in most cases the decision to use this power comes from the Supreme.

Question: Guru, do you ever call on the disciples to fight these battles?
Sri Chinmoy: Still I don’t have that kind of disciple. You will be like that one day. Then I will use you gladly, very gladly. When I was somebody’s disciple, I used to participate in hundreds and hundreds of these battles. Then what? The following morning I received no recognition. Only once, when I did something most extraordinary, when my own Guru did not dare to do that kind of thing, on the following day the Guru told the person what I had done. But usually he would not give me credit on the physical plane.

Question: Guru, when you talk about fighting a hostile force, is it a question of bringing down something and injecting it? Or is it actually a kind of struggle that you are engaged in? When you fight a hostile force, how does that differ from just meditating and bringing down Light and Peace?
Sri Chinmoy: In meditation we invoke Peace and very devotedly try to receive what descends. But when we meet a hostile force, it is like a battlefield. There we must blindly kill. There we do not think of father, mother, brother. There we have to act absolutely like a mad elephant. No, ‘mad elephant’ is not the correct word. When spiritual people fight the hostile forces it is like hundreds of lions fighting. There it is not like bringing anything down. It is real fighting.

Question: What is it like when you fight in the inner world?
Sri Chinmoy: How can I tell you? In the vital world there are many, many destructive forces. Now most of you have not even seen a ghost. God does not want to show you a ghost. But these forces in the vital worlds are infinitely more powerful and more frightening than a ghost. They are extremely ugly and filthy and, at the same time, unthinkably strong. When you see them you do not even want to fight. You feel that it is better to surrender immediately. It is not that they are so beautiful and luminous that you want to die at their feet. No! As soon as you see them you, think it is impossible to defeat them, so you say the best thing is to surrender and just peacefully die.


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