The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Realisation Quotes by Sri Chinmoy

When we enter into the room of realization, we see that the things we wanted to achieve, the things we have spent years or even incarnations trying to achieve, are already within us. For Eternity they have been within us, only we did not have the vision to see them. Now we not only see them, but also claim them as our very own.
-Sri Chinmoy, Reality-Dream

In the true spiritual union, what actually happens is this: the union with the Highest may last for a few days or a few months and then you lose it until you have created a free access to the Highest, until you can go there at your command or bring it down at your as command. When you can do that, it becomes something permanent. Otherwise it may last for a few hours, a few days or a few months. Then it vanishes. But in our inner consciousness, it is all being recorded-how many times you have gone up to your highest consciousness and how many times you have come down. You have the experience a number of times and then you make it a living reality. Eventually it becomes a permanent realisation.
-Sri Chinmoy, Earth’s Cry Meets Heaven’s Smile


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