The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart



In my journey there was a beautiful island, I walked alone. I entered through the jungle and climbed a mountain peak, stopping partway up when I reached a cave’s mouth.
There I entered within and saw the underground people’s society.
I pondered life’s mysteries for a while before diving into a pool of lava-
submerging totally and losing my identity there.
I watched as the lava rose up through the volcano shaft, filling the inner mechanism with Presence and overflowing onto the surrounding land. It hardened and became a protective sheath for the island’s safekeeping, until the water rose completely around the island, leaving only a tiny tip exposed. There it remained for a thousand years until finally the levels went down again.
And I sat on the peak of this new solid foundation, becoming one with my Beloved until the two of we lost our name and form and dissolved into the stars- like plankton born anew into the ocean of infinite consciousness.

“Experience moves from the finite to the Infinite. It feels its presence in the finite first and then in the Infinite. It feels its sole identity with the finite drop and then with the infinite sea. Realisation swims right from the beginning inside the infinite sea with God the eternal Swimmer.”
-Sri Chinmoy, Everest-Aspiration


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