The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Life as a Soul

When my soul left the body, I knew immediately so much more than words could ever teach me.
I sank comfortably into the couch of my friend’s basement and entered into a state of deep relaxation. My body fell asleep, but my mind kept going- in Peace. I became aware of a subtle tingling in all my body, of subtle points of light in each cell.
All were compiled into one Being.
As I became more and more aware of this energy, I began to feel my heartbeat pulsating new life-breath through me.
I felt the vibration of my jacket (which hadn’t been washed in weeks) suffocating me. Once removed, the pain of leading a material existence lessened, and I calmly focused all my attention on the heart.
When I placed my hands over my chest, I felt an invisible tug, a magnetic current pulling between my hands and my chest. When I moved my hands further away, I would draw the energy partway out before it would snap back in like a rubber band or string of mozzarella cheese.
So I focused more concentratedly and with deeper breaths.
Then it popped out of me and I saw myself from outside my body, my scruffy hair and slightly inclined vertical posture, bent in towards the heart. I now was the pulsating energy of my heart. I was so light and subtle. I was pure delight! I knew what I was and who I was without making an effort, just by being myself. I knew that I could fly or go anywhere, and I saw in all directions simultaneously and at once. I was merged into the surrounding atmosphere, so that my perception of consciousness was completely one with everything, and whatever I wanted to do or know was at my disposal.
Delightedly I rose a few feet into the air, with a strange wriggling movement, similar to that of a dolphin.
The ceiling and walls were both visible and not visible, so I could see what was on the other side and the starry skies above.
It was at that moment I felt the vastness of the Universe and I became aware that I could go anywhere or visit anyone just by thinking of them. And I knew where they were because an inner light connected me to them.
I was familiar with this state, it is our natural state of being. My will was like the formless undertone beneath thought. If I were to translate this existence into words, it would be saying: “Yay!! I can go anywhere. But, if I go, leaving my body, who knows what might come in and take my place?”
So I descended from my view of the glowy golden heavens which all of my friend’s souls lived in, and back into my body.
Later I read in one of Sri Chinmoy’s books, sometimes the person becomes afraid that something else might possess their body, but this is a rookie mistake because your soul remains linked to your body for a certain number of hours, like a machine which continues running.

Question: I once felt during meditation that my soul came out of the body.
Sri Chinmoy: It is a very high experience. In some cases, the soul can come out of the body. In some cases, the soul comes to the fore to such an extent that the physical consciousness either totally leaves or becomes transformed, pushed aside, or totally illumined by the soul's light.
-The Meditation-World


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