The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Friends and Family

Fortunately I was allowed to stay in Bali for another 2 weeks. It saturated me with warmth and love.
On the last day I hired a taxi to take me all the way to Mt. Agung.
I cried when the tour guide attempted to overcharge me.
Coming back down I met a group of locals who all made me laugh.
I healed one heart's impression of America with unexpected courage.
It was a full immersion into the soul of Bali.

After 24 hours of continuous motion, I arrived at the Seoul airport in South Korea. I stopped at the "Charlie Brown Cafe" for a latte, and pondered ways of staying productive during this 14-hour layover.
The tourist information center offers free shuttles to the outlying city. It brought me to a Bhuddist temple carved out of the stone hillside. I was the only tourist meditating. It fit my vision of a past incarnation.
The tour brought us to another location. I wandered off to a bench on a remote hill and continued meditating.
I felt how far I was from everything familiar, including friends and family, and only memories of them made their existence real and present.
It made me feel one with everything. I was expanding into the galaxy of souls.
How many souls I must have met across all incarnations; how many friends, and how many enemies I must have made. I cannot fathom the depths of it. Perhaps I wronged many. Perhaps I have been wronged. I wanted to free us from the debts of our past, so I prayed to the Supreme to grant the power of forgiveness needed.

Since then I have become a kimchi addict, and met several inspiring people who I know I was not open to before. Since our alignment, I live with their presence in my heart every day.


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