The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Comments about Antara-Prabhat's Music

"When I hear this music, I need to fold my hands. God bless you."

"Its a masterpiece! Just listened to it again and it feels for me like a new horizon is opening full of inspiration. You saved my life and its a blessing to be your friend."

"Your work is maybe maturing with intense softness thirst
Like a tea cup packed with himalayan sea salt out in a thunderstorm
Catching drops of Dorje Nectar
Crying longing thirst songs for the Maha ocean

"Now I know how and why people can become sick fanatic fans of musicians. When there are musicians like you, everything is possible. Suddenly, you open up a window to a reality which has been living all the time, hidden from most. That reality stares at you, and you can behold it.
Thank you so much!"

"Whenever I listen to the CD with this song on it, I usually turn up the volume and hit replay about 3 times at least.
What I love about the song is the juxtaposition of delicate sweetness in the singing and instrumentals contrasted with the power of the meaning of the song."

"A very nice performance tonight. My only wish was that there could have been 5 minutes of soulful meditation for assimilation immediately following your songs!"

"Thank you, o prince of divine music."

"you are a true truth-seeker and God-lover"

"I like it. the voice is flawless. It's almost like you meditated for an hour and you sang right away.
Not many people understand that the listeners 'listen' to the consciousnesses too, not just the performance.
In case I am totally off, than I would like to give credit to my own high consciousness ;)"

"Dear Antara-Prabhat, I am proud to be your brother."

"Pure Gandharva."

"Every music of yours causes so much homesickness in me.
I treasure them, and I fear the pain of separation. They feed my feeling
of the Divine, and my unquenched longing for Home.
I hope you will kindly understand that you have now a full karmic
obligation towards your fans to do more, much, much more. Truly,

"Your voice gives me shivers of joy. Beautiful!"

"Your playing is always so deeply, intrinsically soulful. Always a
sumptuous feast, thank you."

"I listened to all of your recordings over and over and felt elevated- like I entered some other world. I can't get enough of the bliss and timelessness that your music creates."

"You are amazingly talented and your voice is so pure!
You sing from your heart with so much intensity and love."

"With a name that means The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration Heart, your effect on others is meant to be profound.
Your voice is phenomenal!
There are no words to express my immense gratitude to you."

"You are a vessel of sacred knowledge that constantly flows. Please share your gifts with the world."

"I got an external CD drive for my laptop at work today just so I could listen to your music. I hope I get the privilege of listening to you sing in person."

"Your voice is beautiful and pure and has tremendously assisted my emotional release."

"Thank you for keeping it real. Spiritually Real. Guru Real. You are the only disciple-music I appreciate and admire."

"I have been crying tears of joy during the last couple of days that are finally quiet. Now my heart's song feels like your music.
Thank you for sharing your gift. It vibrates eternally within me."


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