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How I Feel About Trump Being Elected

Before Trump was elected, I listened to everything that everyone had to say with an impartial ear.
I refrained from forming my own opinion, because I wanted the feeling to come from within.
At the time of the elections, I asked the Supreme who I should vote for.
The Supreme showed me that there are one of two ways, and that either way will bring about the same result.
In one way it would take longer, but in the other it would be more painful.
I remembered a talk by Sri Chinmoy:

Question: Should marijuana be legalised, so you can buy it in stores instead of having it be illegal?
Sri Chinmoy: If the country feels that it has descended so far that it has touched rock-bottom and it cannot go further down, then it should be legalised. If the country feels that it has not yet touched rock-bottom, that still there is an iota of hope that we will see the effulgence of light and realise that God does exist, then it must not be legalised.

This said to me that ultimately everything would be all right, that it’s just a fleeting experience in the moment of the Supreme, and that in my case since I had an illumined perspective, I should vouch for humanity’s safekeeping.

The day after the election I was surprised by the result, but I quickly realised my role in this new reality was to bring in more light. To console my loved ones, I stayed strong and silent, offering my individual conceptions to the Supreme.
I decided to remain beyond the scenario so I could love my loved ones unequivocally.
My presence in their lives became the strength and joy they needed to surmount their difficulties and continue on the road towards success.
It was easy for me to feel this way, because Sri Chinmoy has said:
“Try not to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed. Changed forever.”

“A moment's truth
Can and shall make the world beautiful.
A moment's peace
Can and shall save the world.
A moment's love
Can and shall make the world perfect.”

“Right now fear, doubt, anxiety, tension and disharmony are reigning supreme. But there shall come a time when this world of ours will be flooded with peace. Who is going to bring about that radical change? It will be you: you and your sisters and brothers, who are an extension of your reality-existence. It will be you and your oneness-heart, which is spread throughout the length and breadth of the world.”

“The philosophy for the New Millennium will be: do not see faults in anybody’s life; do not see the faults in your own life. Only force yourself to see all the good things you have done, all the good things you are planning to do and all the good things that others have done. In the next millennium, the goal of philosophy will be only to see the light in oneself and the light in others. Then only will you be able to expedite the arrival of world-peace and world-oneness.”

In this new world of peace, I can see the divine in everyone. I can love the Supreme in anyone.
But who can see the divine in Trump?
Who can love Him?

If I dare to say that, I will place myself at the mercy of those forces inside my loved ones’ hearts, torturing them and making them see darkness through the veil of insecurity.

How has Trump changed my life?
Today he has made me a better person, by realising that I have no reason to hate him.
Even though he has hurt everyone around me, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
They don’t know what he’s doing.

I voted against Trump, but we have to accept the reality we’re in to transform it.
It is only through surrender to a higher force that we can make a difference.
Our focus should be on love and not hate.

“When the power of love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God.”
-Sri Chinmoy


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