The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


A World of Silence

Alone I walk through fields of snow
The last rays of dawn smile down upon me
I trace my footsteps back to the source
And look at my earthly frame and smile.

The benevolent gods left no space for me in their heart
I took the express bus to realization
A tree covers my face with shadow
I seek to climb its topmost branch

And look at the world with unequivocal readiness
With space and room for all to grow
In my soul’s lustre-fragrance.

A cloud reaches out to touch me
I touch his face and laugh
He gazes lovingly upon me
(Lost in the experience of bliss)
And contemplates His Oneness with me.

The last rays of light dance across treetops
Before me, a valley of silence reveals itself to me
As birds fly on their way home,
And leaves fall gently to rest.

An unhorizoned ocean dances in the distance
The mirage of time and space evaporated
I sit in silence atop the mast of a bough
And contemplate the vast and show.

The shore, golden, is my comfort-home
The nest of all souls to rest
And in dawn’s light emerge
With Victory’s Crown.

The hero will return to the world
To fight as a soldier once again
And love the Supreme in everyone
With no resistance and no fear.

The one who has reached the top of everything
Will become the sweetest lamb
For all the world to enjoy and play,
Adore and fondly caress.

The smile in his eyes
Will light the tears with gratitude-heart
(And the illusion of separation will disappear)
As all hearts merge into one
And our cosmic Play begins again.

Nov 19, 2018


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Copyright by Antara-Prabhat Kalajian

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