The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Ashrita Furman, Disciple of Sri Chinmoy


Ashrita’s cool. But not because he holds the Guiness World Record for the most Guiness World Records.
Ashrita's cool because he doesn’t believe in his own capacity. He believes only in the capacity of his Guru’s Grace.

"There are many feats that Ashrita has performed over the years that are far beyond my own imagination-flight. He has succeeded because he has implicit faith in me and I have implicit faith in the Supreme, who is my students' Guru, my Guru, everybody's Guru. I always tell my students, 'I am not your Guru. There is only one Guru on earth and in Heaven, and that is the Absolute Lord Supreme. He is our Eternity's All.'"1

Real spiritual Masters are beyond the limits of space and time. They have merged permanently in God-Consciousness. Sri Chinmoy is one such Avatar. He lifted thousands of pounds with one hand.2 His humility compelled him to say:
“I am able to lift more only because I entirely depend on God's Grace.”3

Sri Chinmoy is constantly breaking records with his Grace, through Ashrita.

“When Ashrita says that it is all due to my grace and my compassion, he sincerely means it. How many others sincerely mean it? They only talk and talk. They say, ‘It is all your grace,’ but in their heart of hearts, not even for one second do they feel that my love or my light is working in and through them. There are very few people like Ashrita in this respect.”4

Ashrita has made ‘Gratitude’ the primary achievement of his life. When he sits down to meditate, he just lets go of everything and enters into the heart. Then he becomes a sea of gratitude.

“Gratitude is a miracle-action in us. This miracle-action strengthens our physical body, purifies our vital energy, widens our mental vision and intensifies our psychic delight.”5

Gratitude promotes receptivity.

"When our receptivity increases, God increases our capacity. Before that, all the limitations of the body come and stay indefinitely because of our ingratitude-mind, ingratitude-heart and ingratitude-life. We have to feel that our capacity is coming from God."6

"I feel sorry that my disciples are not bringing forward more of their unlimited capacities. Ashrita is the exception. ‘Ashrita' means ‘one who has taken shelter at the feet of the Master'. Ashrita is proving again and again the significance of his name. How many times he has broken world records, and then how many times his records have been broken by others! In their case, they are not as devoted as he is to his Master, or to the Supreme in his Master. These people who are now breaking his records are bringing forward their capacity from their previous incarnations. In Ashrita's case, his capacity is not coming from his previous incarnations. In this incarnation he is getting all these capacities because of his extraordinary devoted service to me. He was not an athlete in a past incarnation. He was not a sportsman in this life. Even when he joined us in this incarnation, he was thinner than the thinnest, one of the weakest disciples that we had. Now look how much his capacity has developed!"7

And finally,
Ashrita is cool because he doesn't break records to gratify his sense of self. He breaks records only to spread the good message that meditation on the Supreme Being helps in achieving our goals and creates a deeper happiness and more harmonius fulfillment in our lives.

Ashrita and Antara-Prabhat
Ashrita after breaking the record for most walnuts smashed with his forehead.

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