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Kamalakanta the Music-Devotee

What is so loveable about this crazy Puerto Rican? I sat down with him to find out.
The following are his own words, extracted from our June 2014 interview


I have a great love for combining Guru’s melodies. I love combining Guru’s melodies any way I can- as a round, or multiple melodies at the same time…
I feel that there’s a spiritual world where all of Guru’s melodies exist together, some kind of heaven… where they’re all ringing at the same time.

In 1995 I had a feeling that I wanted to be a musician. I started doing my own compositions, and was given permission to perform them in a classical concert we do. Before playing I stood up and said "I’ve been looking all my life for my soul’s music and I think I found it in New Age music. So I’m very grateful for the opportunity to express this today." Then I sat down and played the piece. As soon as I finished, I felt empty and dry inside like a well with no water.
The next day, Guru called me on the phone in the health food store, and said:
“That’s your soul’s music? That's not your soul's music, that’s your lower-vital music!”
I said “Guru, I’m so happy you’re telling me this!”
And he said “I’m telling you this because I love you.”
Then he said “Your soul’s music has the qualities of softness, sweetness, soulfulness and tenderness. You can combine my songs!”

What I didn’t know is that when he says "combine," it's what we call "arrange" in the West. So when he said you can combine my songs, I immediately thought of combining Guru’s melodies one with each other. And for a few weeks or months I was going around like a madman, saying ‘How am I going to combine Guru’s song? How do I do this? I’ve never done it before.’ One day I was approaching Annam Brahma, just walking down the street- and I heard two songs together. They’re in my first CD, the Forgiveness CD . I heard the combination and I did the arrangement, and that’s how it started.
When I was first asking myself that question, there was a celebration where Guru had seven groups of boys and seven groups of girls in rows of ten, each row singing whatever song they wanted. So you had like a dozen different melodies ringing at the same time. We were doing a walking meditation while singing different melodies at the same time. It was very cacophonic or dissonant, but also incredibly powerful.

Music has always been very special to me. In my family there was always music. My parents loved music. They sang together in harmonies and my father played the guitar. Also, we had records that we listened to. When I heard classical music it was a very powerful experience. When it came time to decide what to do with my life, I got the inner message to study music. So I followed that message. People told me, "Don’t do it! You’ll be poor!" And I said, "I have to do it, I have to do it."

From the first day I joined the path, I loved Guru’s music. I used to run home from music school to press the cassette player button and sing along with Guru’s “Bela Chale Jai” songbook.

In 1983, Guru was in Puerto Rico to participate in the World’s Master’s Games. Sukhendhu and I went with him to a place called Pizzeria Uno. They had these incredible deep fried things with flour on the outside, and cheese and onions on the inside. We were having coffee with Guru at like 1 o’clock in the morning and just chatting. At one point he said to us out of the blue, "You two should form a music group." I had been wanting to be in a music group since I joined the path… I was beside myself with joy.
He gave the group the name Sangit Tarangani which means "Music Ripples." Guru named Sukhendu the leader, but he would say to him "It’s MY band. Not your band! My band!" Every time we wanted to add a new member to the group Guru would meditate and see whether that person should be added.
That’s when I started arranging Guru’s music. Then it became part of my life. Then I started connecting to the meaning of the songs and learning how to manifest them musically.
Intuitively these things come to me. You have to find what inspires you in your spiritual life. In my case, music is my main inspiration.
If you are making a sincere connection, a soulful connection, that is good enough for me. The style doesn’t really matter.
I think in the future, we will see arrangements in as many styles as there are cultures in the world.
It’s important that his melody be heard above all else, so that it’s not lost in the music. That was important to Guru.

Imagine that Guru’s music is a beautiful ray of pure white light, coming from the sky, like a sunbeam. And your heart is a prism. The ray of light hits that prism, and it reflects in different colors. That’s the arrangement. The feelings that Guru’s music produces in me come out as music. It's a spiritual experience.

Music, specifically for me, enables me to reach a higher consciousness within myself through Guru’s music. When I first saw him, I felt and saw his light, his peace, his bliss- and it touched me to the core. It made me feel absolutely pure and cheerful. I feel that’s very important in the world now to have access to those higher worlds through the arts, through music and poetry. When we connect to this higher reality, we are fully satisfied as people.
Nowadays the schools cut budgets and it is not in the educational system. But it’s a mistake. Children need to connect to their intuitive part. They need to develop their noble qualities. They need to feel a higher sense of purpose in life. I cannot tell you how many times when I get a good musical idea that works with one of Guru’s songs, I’m laughing like a child in my room. I’m really almost dancing here. It’s so fulfilling. It cannot compare with any other joy in life!

At one point Sukhendu was working in the banking field and Guru said to him, “It is not the politicians and the bankers who are going to save this world; it will be the musicians, the artists and the poets.”


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