The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


How Music Changed My Life

By Antara-Prabhat


On my 17th birthday I had one of the defining experiences in my spiritual life.
I was going through what every teenage kid goes through - namely the overwhelming influence and massive mood swings associated with uncontainable surging hormones :)
I had been playing and recording improvisational music on the piano for several days, after not having touched the instrument for a few years.
While listening to the recording, I suddenly began to feel a tingling sensation near what is called the "third eye."
I was familiar with the concept of chakras, but not previously in a position to judge the validity of such ideas.
I immediately pulled out my mom's copy of Sri Chinmoy's book, God The Supreme Musician.

Question: When I play music, I feel a tingling around my third eye.
Sri Chinmoy: That indicates an awakening. But this does not mean that your third eye is about to open. No. When you play most soulfully, an inner vision-light will come to the fore. Vision is within you, yet it is dormant. But now it wants to function properly; it does not want to sleep anymore. So inner vision is starting to operate. The vision of the third eye is trying to come to the fore and that is why you are getting that sensation. So it is a very good experience.
It was at this time I began to be more aware of myself as a soul, not merely a human being with human needs.
I fell in love with the piece of music–listening to it for three days in my mind–I heard it constantly. The deeper I went into the song, the more the richness and unique expression in each note began to unfold, until I literally lost myself in a galaxy of sound; droning continually on and on, singing and breathing inside and out, pervaded simultaneously by the soundless syllable Aum. What I heard I humorously described as Space Disco :D
I said to myself, "If I am a soul, and this is my music, I want to make a full album of songs to reveal myself in a multitude of varying forms."
So I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and I began to write an outline of what I would like the listener's experience to be! Words flowed through me and the project was given the title The Indigo Complex: Cloud Nine.
I had stumbled upon a powerful means with which I could literally reshape my emotions, thoughts and beliefs into the form which pleased me, and thus radically alter my reality by the transformation and expansion of my limited perspective.
Over the next year I played and recorded every instrument on the album (except trumpet on track 10) with a USB microphone and mixed it with headphones through my laptop.

That first song was called Fantasy & Tragedy, and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that time.


you aren't the first to feel this way
you'll learn to deal with every day
and how to use what's inside of us

with every right turn
you'll end up even more left
and make your eyes look ahead
rest them at night in your bed.

when you're trying
but you're

do you stop to find the problem?

with your head in the sand
you're no great man.

come on come on come on come on now whatcha got for me?
so don't trip and don't fall
because no-one can catch them all

fantasies and tradgedies
fantasies and tradgedies
fantasy and tradgedies

no one can catch them all

The Indigo Complex: Cloud Nine


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