The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Nirvikalpa samadhi is also a state of the soul. When we have become one with the soul and are enjoying the eternal Peace, Bliss and Light of the soul, this is called nirvikalpa samadhi. In this state there is no thought. The cosmic play has ended; there is absolute Peace and Bliss.

Again, there are half-realised or partially realised Yogis. A few hours of the day, when they are meditating, they will be one with God, and the rest of the time they will be like ordinary human beings. Their oneness with God depends on what kind of realisation the Yogis have achieved.

But when you are a little higher, when you have become one with the soul in nirvikalpa samadhi, there will be no ideas or thoughts at all.

Nirvikalpa samadhi is the highest samadhi that most spiritual Masters attain, and then only if they have achieved realisation.

Nirvikalpa samadhi cannot be explained by any individual, no matter how great he is.

When we are in nirvikalpa samadhi, we see the universe like a tiny dot inside our vast heart.

One need not be a realised soul in order to enter into savikalpa samadhi. If someone is a great aspirant and if he has been meditating for many years, he can have savikalpa samadhi. It is not that difficult.

If one is in sahaja samadhi, in one sense nothing can fulfil him because he is already fulfilled in his inner life. As an individual, he has gone beyond fulfilment. 

But when it is a matter of the fulfilment of everyone within the Master — fulfilment in him and for the Supreme — that is not yet done.

If one gets savikalpa samadhi, it is more than enough for quite a number of years, even for this lifetime.

After one has achieved realisation, it is not necessary for him to meditate the way an aspirant or a seeker meditates.

A God-realised soul is he who wants to please God in God’s own way.

-Excerpts from "Samadhi and Siddhi: The Summits of God-Life" by Sri Chinmoy.


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