The Beauty's Dawn of the Climbing Aspiration-Heart


Hello, I created this website for sharing my inspiration, bad ideas (just kidding), and talent (or lack thereof).
I have had many cool adventures in my life, but nothing is as cool as life as it is.
The cool thing about life is that it always gives you exactly what you need.
How can I not remain eternally grateful?

The name "Antara-Prabhat" was given to me by Sri Chinmoy, who I had the privilege of meeting many times in my young life. He had a profound impact on my way of thinking and perceiving.
I enjoy my life much more because of Him.
He taught me to lead a simple and pure life, and be happy and grateful with what I have.
My experience of reality has never been fuller than now, and I will continue to aspire for the rest of my life.

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